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As I mentioned to the Committee Members in October and in the recent round robin email it is my intention not to continue as Webmaster beyond October 2022 when the site hosting will need renewing

In the meantime I will use this page to describe how the site was developed and what the role of Webmaster has become for me.

At the same time I will display the code used, for each section, so anyone wishing to take over can see how a page is created.

Part of the code is common to all pages:

The code for these does not have to be written again; I just opened the History page, in Notebook, Saved As website.html and deleted all the content relevant to the History page. Then I changed the Title in the Head from History to Website. I'll show the code for these later.

I won't be writing a tutorial on html (HyperText Markup Language); there are websites dedicated to that. However I'll just point out that, so far, I've used seven tags: h3, blockquote, p, ul, b, li and img (inside greater and less than symbols). These are the instructions to the browser: h3 is heading size 3, blockquote creates an indent, p is paragraph, b is bold, ul is unordered list, li is list element and img is image

Each of these is closed with the inclusion of a forward slash. In the case of img I've used two attributes: src which is source (of the image) and width (of the image).