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Holiday Insurance

Members are recommended to take out personal travel and cancellation insurance to cover Club holidays. If going abroad it is essential that travel insurance is obtained, and to obtain the new individual E111 forms to cover medical treatment in most of Europe from the Post Office. Annual travel insurance may provide cheaper cover for European or World wide holidays if more than one holiday is taken in the twelve month period of cover. Many of these policies will also cover club UK holidays, such as Patterdale and Croyde Bay.

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Modifications to this site

I am continually adding to or modifying this site and some changes are indicated below:

There is a Stop Press button on the Home page. This will notify users of changes to the Programme since it was published and items which were not included in the Programme or the latest newsletter.
Please let me know if you require anything adding.

We now have a gallery of members photographs, initially accessed through a thumbnail selection. Please visit the page and send in one of your own pictures, depicting HRC activities, for inclusion. Please change your entry from time to time.

I would like to feature some of the walks from the current programme on the site. I invite leaders to send a description of their walk, at least a month before it takes place, to me. Include such things as the length, difficulty, scenery, places of interest etc.

Some external links have been made from a Links page to other websites but more reciprocal links are needed to get a prominent presence on some of the major search engines.

A Site Map page has been included which indicates where information on a range of topics can be found on the site.

I work with a screen resolution of 1024 x 768. I am aware that many members use 800 x 600. I have used a compromise design which I hope looks satisfactory on both screen resolutions but if the display does not look right to you please let me know. Suggestions, constructive or critical, are always appreciated as they may lead to improvements. Please let me know your ideas.

Email to Mike Everill.

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This is an opportune time to publish a few reminders which help to ensure the smooth running of the Club.

New Members - make yourselves known to the leader at the start - don't be shy - just ask! The leader will introduce you to the rest of the party and either the leader or one of the established members will answer any queries.

Grading of Walks - Leaders should always ensure that their walk is within the advertised grade. It is better to be under mileage than over mileage. Any member who is not sure about their ability to do a walk should telephone the leader for advice. Any difficulties in getting in touch, ring the Walks Co-ordinator, Asley Steadman or any other Officer or Committee Member,

Use of Cars - It is helpful to reduce the number of cars travelling to the start of the walks as there is often difficulty in finding adequate parking space, as well as being more eco-friendly. Whenever possible members should arrange to pool transport at the meet and agree with the driver a contribution towards the cost of the fuel used. All drivers should take a turn in using their cars.
On a past walk two members arrived at the start point to find that the rest of the party had started the walk. The leader was unaware that these members were still travelling when the walk commenced. Fortunately this is a rare mishap, but if members present are aware that the party is not complete, please do inform the leader who will usually be able to delay the start for a reasonable period or make some alternative arrangement.

Availability of Pubs - With the recent closure of many pubs, it is not a certainty that there will be a pub at the lunchtime stop and members should carry sufficient liquid refreshment to cover the day. Where a pub is used, members are reminded that flasks should NOT be displayed within the grounds or on the pub premises. Do quietly point this out to any member who errs.

Country Code - Members should always follow the Country Code. Please ensure that all gates are fastened after being opened to let the walking group through. To minimise damage walk in single file through growing crops. Leaders should advise the party as necessary.

Walking on Roads - When walking on a road it is normal practice to use the right hand side, facing the oncoming traffic. In some instances due to circumstances on site, it may be safer to walk on the left, the leader should advise. Walkers should observe discipline, walk in a line and not spread out across the road.

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Thank You Cards

Following a suggestion made at the AGM a 'Thank You' card is now available for leaders to leave, at their discretion, at the hostelry the Club has visited during a walk. The brightly coloured cards, which are a handy credit card size, will be available via the Walks Secretary and from most committee members. Leaders should arrange to carry one or two of the cards with them to leave as they consider appropriate.

Cattle In Fields With Public Access (Article)

As a result of recent press reports about injury and death to walkers caused by Cattle in fields with Rights of Way some members have asked for details of what the Law is on such matters and what is seen as "Good Practise" to avoid being involved in an incident.

In the period 1990 - 1998 the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) reported 18 cases in which members of the public were attacked by cattle in fields. Of these cases almost half of these incidents were fatal. Although there are specific legislative restrictions on the keeping of bulls, these do not apply to cows and bullocks, which can also be very aggressive. Below I give details of advice given by the Ramblers on minimising the risk of attack by all types of cattle as well as summarising relevant aspects of the law.

Section 59 of the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981 bans the keeping of bulls in fields crossed by a right of way, except if they are:
+ under the age of 10 months; or
+ not of a recognised dairy breed, provided they are accompanied by cows or heifers.

"Recognised dairy breeds" are defined as the following: Ayrshire, British Frisian, British Holstein, Dairy Shorthorn, Guernsey, Jersey and Kerry.

The Ramblers offer the following suggestions for walkers concerned about their safety when encountering cattle in the countryside. It is worth emphasising that the majority of attacks occur when dogs are present or cows are acting in defence of their calves:
+ Be prepared for cattle to react, and, where possible, walk carefully and quietly around them - do not split up a clustered group.
+ If you have a dog with you, keep it under close control, but do not hang on to it should a bull or cow start acting aggressively.
+ Cattle will normally stop before reaching you. If they do not, just carry on quietly, and do not run.
+ Should a bull or cow come up very closely, turn round to face it. If necessary take a couple of steps towards it, waving your arms and shouting firmly.
+ Above all, do not put your self at risk. If you feel threatened, find another way around, returning to the original path as soon as is possible.
+ Remember to close gates behind you when walking through fields containing livestock.
+ If you are attacked or suffer a frightening incident, report this to the landowner and the highway authority, and also the HSE and Police if it is of a serious nature.

Ashley Steadman (Walks Coordinator)

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Important Notices

Event CancellationRefunds of monies to people withdrawing from a coach trip is calculated in the following manner. The total of the fares for the empty seats remaining on the coach is shared equally among all the people withdrawing (up to a maximum of the full fare each). This is a fair system; all those withdrawing pay the same amount irrespective of when they withdraw.
SponsorshipPlease note that individual sponsorship on walks, events and holidays is discouraged by the Club.

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