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Chairman's Ramble 23 February 2020

Barrie Tunnicliffe had intended to lead the D walk but the underfoot conditions were too poor. I had intended to cover some of this on my B walk. Mike had done a recce with me and we decided to cancel the B walk.

27 walkers gathered at 11.15 at the Greyhound pub at Burston. The heavy rain of the previous night had blown over and by 11:30 it was dry. We walked along the A51 and up to Sandon Church and onto the estate. We had a standing coffee break in the shelter of a rebuilt section of Trentham Hall. It was too muddy to sit down and too windy to sit on a dry spot. We walked along some tracks, past Pitts Column along a valley with a good view of Sandon Hall and back to the pub. There some walkers departed and the non walkers joined us so 34 sat down to an excellent meal.
Many thanks to Barrie, Mike and all those members who supported the event.
Ian Bailey(Chair)

Date of the next Committee Meeting: 28 June 2021

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