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Stoke on Trent's Premier Rambling Club

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  • Usually two walks on each Sunday
  • Two walks on most Thursdays
  • Wednesday Evening Walks in Summer
  • Coach Rambles
  • Weekends and Mid Week Breaks in Hotels
  • Self-drive Holidays
  • YHA Weekends
  • Foreign Holidays

New and Non-members will find more information in the Contact Us page

Grading of Walks



Sunday Walks

'G' 2 to 3 miles, only rarely on Sunday.

'D' Morning Walks 4 to 5 miles therefore suitable for families.

'C' 7 to 9 miles at an easy pace.

'B' 10 to 12 miles.

'A' 12 to 15 miles.

'A+' 15 to 20 miles or strenuous mountain routes.

'S' Special. Over 20 miles or special circumstances.

'E' Wednesday Evening Walks 3 to 4 miles in summer - suitable for families.

'Thursday' Walks

'G' 2 to 3 miles at a gentle pace.

'G' On some Thursdays - usually followed by a meal.

'D' On some Thursdays.

'C' On some Thursdays.

'A/B' On most Thurdays

Please look at ourProgrammepage to find out when each grade of walk will take place.

Meeting Places

S and A+ walks often require an early start and details of the time and meeting points will be contained in the programme page. The initial meeting points will either be St Ann Street car park in Hanley or Goose Street car park in Newcastle.

A and B walks usually meet at St Ann Street car park in Hanley at 8.30 am, but Goose Street may be used if we are travelling west or south.

C walks usually meet at St Ann Street car park in Hanley at 9.30 am but may occasionally meet at Goose Street car park in Newcastle.

D walks and Thursday walks usually meet at the starting points of the walks at 10 am. Longer Thursday walks may start earlier. Details of these locations including the grid references can be found in the official programme card but not in this web site.

E walks meet at the starting points of the walks at 7.15 pm. These locations are only available from the official programme card and not from this web site.

Please click here  to see maps of the locations of Hanley and Newcastle meeting points.

How to get in touch

For further details please contact us:

by email   hanliensian at hotmail dot com   Contact: Mike Everill

by Telephone 01785 811646    Contact: Sheila Hawley

to mobile phone 079 79 05 76 23     Contact: Ken Elkin

or meet us for a C walk a few minutes before 9.30 am (maybe 9 am on occasions - check the Programme page) at St Ann Street car park in Hanley or Goose Street car park in Newcastle as indicated on the Programme.

or study the Programme on this site to find a suitable harder walk and its meeting point. See the information about our grading system of walking difficulty by clicking on the 'Grades' link.

View, download and print a contacts listContact Details in portable document format..

When required you can download and print ourMembership Form in PDF(Portable Document File)

Date of last update: 1 March 2021
Mike Everill
Hanliensian Rambling Club
Email: hanliensian at hotmail dot com

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